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Dance for PD

About the class: PD Movement Lab

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A laboratory is a place for exploration, for experiment, for innovation. PD Movement Lab is for all those things. Started in 2006 by Pamela Quinn in collaboration with Brooklyn Parkinson Group, the PD Movement Lab has been at the forefront of designing new approaches to the many day-to-day physical challenges faced by people with Parkinson's. Blending her background in dance training with her personal experience as a Parkinson's patient, Quinn invents tools that allows persons with PD to rediscover mobility and greater physical freedom.

Dance for PD is pleased to administer PD Movement Lab classes live from Brooklyn weekly on Fridays from 2-3 PM, and proud to include the resource on our digital class archive.

PD Movement Lab is expanding its presence online, conveying vital information, offering resources, and delivering best practices in the management of PD to people with Parkinson's everywhere. Learn more by


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